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Most sex toys succeed in being pleasurable, but some deliver satisfaction at the price of your health and safety. What a buzzkill!

Human sex organs are moist and delicate zones, and anything that goes near or inside them should be held to the highest health standards. That means that you should be as choosy with your sex toys as, say, doctors are about their medical instruments. Instead of shoddy, bacteria-trapping sex toys, we recommend going for body safe dildos and vibrators to get your kicks – even if they are slightly pricier. If you’re guilty of settling for sex toys that are anything less than the best, then our list of 6 reasons to choose body-safe toys should be enough to change your mind for good.

1. Bacteria Won’t Get Clingy

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The body can handle a certain amount of bacteria, but imagine if a substance continually trapped new bacteria and had no way of getting rid of it. Some materials – porous materials, to be exact – contain micro pores that not only trap substances such as bacteria, germs, and mold, but also gives them an environment conducive to their growth. When these toys are used intimately, they pose an infection risk.

Unlike porous toys, body safe dildos and other toys can be fully sanitized and will not get more hazardous over time. When cleaned properly, these toys can be shared safely and can be used both anally and vaginally. See this list of sex toy materials to learn which material are porous and which are not.

2. There’s No Risk of Cancer And Other Diseases

Perhaps due to how taboo sex toys still are, there’s little to no regulation in the sex toy market. Unlike children’s toys, which are closely regulated, adult toys aren’t screened for lead (which is toxic), phthalates (which are possibly carcinogenic), or latex (which can cause allergic reactions).

When shopping for body safe dildos and vibrators, make sure that the type of material used is clearly stated on the packaging and look up that material to find out whether it contains any hazardous materials.

3. Moving Metal Parts Won’t Poke Out

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When high-tech and low-quality meet, the results can be pretty unsettling. When designing our Velvet Thrusters, we took every precaution to ensure that the metal parts remain safely encased inside a thick silicone outer layer. Not every thrusting toy was made with such care. In the past, some news stories have popped up involving thrusting sex machines whose metal parts poked out during use. Yikes!

Don’t take chances on questionable high-tech toys. Instead, shop for body safe dildos that meet high engineering standards as well as pleasure standards.

4. Cleaning Is Easier And More Thorough

Sanitizing your sex toys with methods such as boiling kills bacteria and other harmful substances, making a toy safe enough for repeated use as well as sharing, if that’s desired. However, not all sex toys can be boiled or even washed. Some materials, such as vinyl, can only be cleaned via wiping.

When shopping for body safe dildos, look for cleaning instructions and ensure that an effective cleaning method is possible, especially if you intend to use the dildos anally. When shopping for body safe vibrators and other toys intended for external use, a soap and water wash is sufficient. If a toy can’t be sanitized or cleaned, make sure to cover it in a dildo before reusing or sharing it.

5. Toys Won’t Melt In The Summer

High-quality toys are generally designed to last, including through the hottest and coldest days of the year. Shop from a reputable seller and choose body safe dildos and other toys made from heat-resistant materials such as pure silicone.

Sex toys made from low-quality materials may even melt if left in direct sunlight. Needless to say, if a toy in your collection DOES melt, you should stop using it right away.

6. Toys Are Lube-Friendly

Lube may not be an essential item for your sex toolbox, but it is certainly a desirable one, especially if you enjoy anal stimulation or marathon sex. Did you know that depending on what material a sex toy is made from, it may not be compatible with all lube types? The types of lube available include oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based. When you pair the wrong kind of lube with your toy, your toy may end up being corroded. Silicone-based lube, for instance, cannot be used with silicone blends. If you are a regular lube user, then your search for a body safe dildo or other toy will need to take lube compatibility into consideration.

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Shop The Body-Safe Thruster Collection

The creators of The Thruster toy line are qualified aerospace engineers with a meticulous eye for detail and safety. When designing and choosing materials for The Thruster, they tested various materials and designs. The result is an innovative, durable sex toy that you can enjoy for years. Made from medical grade silicone, our toys are sanitizable, compatible with all lube types, and bacteria-repellant. Browse our collection to discover the body safe thrusting dildo vibrator to suit your desires!