FAQ for Thrusting Dildos, Vibrators, and more

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Automatic Thrusting Sex Toys by Velvet Brands  


Just How Big are Velvet's Thrusting Sex Toys?

There are 3 differents models to consider.

  1. Velvet Prime with changeable silicone dildos tops and add-on accessories.
  2. Velvet Mini which has the TX and XL(extra-long) model for more flexibility.
  3. Lovense Gravity with separate controlled vibrator and bluetooth app.


Velvet Prime has the big motor and big battery with changeable tops and easy-use accessories that can swap on and off as your mood and preferences for play change. This model is a handheld sex-machine. Will not stall and is a favorite for anal p-spot stimulation with Walter. Currently there are 8 different silicone dildos to choose from for Prime. The newest not in the chart below yet.

Velvet Prime Thruster products insertable length of 4-8" inches and the thrusting movement, or stroke, length of 3" remains the same for each top. Check the compare sizes button to see the size difference for each silicone dildo top.  

These tops can be changed very quickly, even right in the middle of a play session. One top pulls off and another pulls right on! This advantage give our prime model exceptional value. New tops are added every year, and we are now using 3D printing to make holiday short run holiday specials for our users. 


velvet thruster prime size chart


Jackie is the perfect length and girth for most users with a realistic size and shape. Edward is extra soft and extra long. Sammie is big and fulfilling.  Frankie has that perfect mushroom tip and great flexibility which makes it a favorite top for your prime thrusting vibrator if you enjoy the grinding on your clitoris while using your thrusting sex toy internally.  Since the tops are changeable on the thruster primer series products, it is easy to start with Jackie and change to Sammie at any time during your play session.   

Find precise dimensions and compare models on each product page for the varying widths associated with each sex toy model. 


Velvet Mini Teddy products have an insertable length of 4" for TX model and 5" for XL model and a total length of 9" inches and 10" inches. The extra length does make the end more flexible while the mini sex machine is thrusting. It's an enjoyable addition for most users.

Both the TX and XL thruster sex toy models have a smaller motor and battery than Prime model but still use the 12v drive system meaning it has plenty of power and can be used for internal vaginal orgasms and anal self-pleasure as well, it will not stall during use. The suction cup is built into its realistic silicone dildo top.

mini thruster size chart
Lovense Gravity has all the bells whistles with both separate controlled vibrating and thrusting dildo buttons. The vibrator is located in the tip of the soft silicone body and the 1.25" of stroke movement has a 3 speed and 6 patterns from 140 thrusts per minute down to 50 strokes per minute at its slowest speed. This model has 7.4v motor and rechargeable battery. The app control is for all the features s easy to use for either solo self-stimulation or long-distance with a partner. This is a great all around thrusting sex toy for women who are primarily interested in vaginal masturbation both externally and internally. 

Does The Thruster Vibrate?

Yes, especially at the tip but the vibration in this sex toy is not separately controlled. The sex tech or mechanical drive for creating the Jackie thruster motion oscillates inside which generates a natural vibration.  The velvet mini teddy thrust has the same drive mechanism.  For each of these thrusting-vibrating-dildo products, the higher the speed the more the underlying vibration.  Please know we are not selling this product as a vibrator, it's a handheld sex machine for penetration and achieving vaginal orgasm or g-spot orgasm.

What is The Thruster Made Of?

The Velvet Thruster mini and velvet Jackie prime products are made from very soft touch, body-safe platinum cure silicone, which is a medical-grade silicone material. That makes it compatible with most lubricants, including silicone lube, hybrid lube and water-based lubricants.  We recommend Gleam unisex lube products, as one of our own organic, family brands.  

Extended sex toy warranty?

All thruster products come with a 12-month tip to tail warranty; we exclude only direct water damage.  You may add an extended warranty for either 24 months or 36 months warranty total.  This allows for an extended period of use, bringing down the cost per use of several years.  Velvet thrust amazon sales do not have extended warranty or refunds.

Are Thrusting Sex Toys loud?

It is a powerful sex machine in the palm of your hand, so it can make some noise.  When running normally, it is not too loud.  It only gets loud when it is at full speed and bending while thrusting, which is what it is designed to do.  These actions put your thruster sex toy under heavy torque and our thrusting vibrators will not stall so they get louder while working under those conditions.  Certainly, it is not louder than sex with a partner trying to do 140 strokes per minute.

What is Included with The Thruster?

The Thruster comes with a rechargeable battery charger and 8-foot cord that will plug into a standard 110v outlet or a 220v outlet with plug adaptor that is not supplied.  International voltage friendly battery and charger!   All thrust dildos work while plugged into wall outlet.



How Do I Change Speeds?

For both prime and mini thrusters, push the power button at the base to turn on the product at the slowest speed. Use + and - buttons to adjust between 6 speeds delivering up to 140 strokes per minute. For prime Thrusters the color-changing LED band will glow and indicate the current speed by unique color. After a while, you will know what color is your favorite motor speed for thoughtless effort during masturbation or partner play.

Thruster Mini teddy products have suction cups on the base, so their speed controls are on the side.  Jackie Prime products allow you to change silicone toys for different play sessions or add accessories for ease of use, like suction-cup or long reach handle.

How Do I Close it to The Storage Position or Extended for Cleaning?

When you press the power button, the toy will automatically shut off after 3 seconds. If you want to stop the Thruster in a specific position, either all the way open for cleaning or all the way collapsed to tuck away, you can push the power button a second time within those 3 seconds to stop it wherever you like. Practice at low speed first to get the feel.

For the premium sex toy thrust toys you can remove the toy to change it and or wash the silicone dildo product.

How Long Does the Thruster Last Between Charges?

From a full charge, Prime Velvet Thrusters can be operating for up to 8 hours. Thruster Minis have a smaller battery that will last up to 3 hours. Their charge will be spent faster when used at higher speeds and with more torque.  Torque is increased when the sex toy is thrusting while flexed or heavy resistance, which consumes more battery juice.  Heavy resistance would be trying to stall it between your legs while clamping down.  Stand by power is more than 200 hrs.

Can I take The Thruster with Me into Water?

Unfortunately, NO. While The Thruster is water-resistant for cleaning, it is not safe to completely submerge.

How Should I Clean the Thruster?

For Mini Thruster use the controls to bring Teddy to a stop while it is fully extended. Tilt the product underneath running water and hand wash with soap or sex toy cleaning fluid. DO NOT allow water inside the charger port.    We recommend cleaning your Thruster every time you use it.

Velvet Prime products should also be washed with warm water and soap after each use.  For this product, remove the toy completely from the base handle before cleaning.  

How Should I Store the Thruster?

Store your Velvet Thruster in a dry and secure place. Halt the thrusting motion of The Thruster while it is retracted for the most compact and easy storage.


Will The Thruster Be Shipped Discreetly?

All sex toy purchases are shipped in discreet plain brown boxes that can vary in size.  The shipper will be identified as VHC, LLC, this is short for Velvet Holding Co.  The name Velvet CO will appear on credit card statements for your adult product purchase.


Where Do You Deliver?

Velvet brands is in Brooklyn, NY.  Our shipments come from a fulfillment warehouse in Brooklyn.  We ship internationally with duty prepaid to avoid customs delays.  

What Are My Shipping Options?

We offer different shipping options for both domestic US and International shipments.  Please select option at checkout.  

How Long Will My Order Take to be Processed?

All orders are processed on the same day, Monday through Friday. Orders received over the weekend are processed during our next business day.

International Custom Forms

When shipping international we are required to declare the tariff code on the commercial invoice used for customs.  This code will be on the paperwork as HNS 9019.10.20.  This code is used for massager apparatus.

What Forms of Payment Do you Accept?

All major credit cards are accepted and PayPal.

Coupon Use?

Coupons cannot be combined, and their use is limited to 1x per customer.  We reserve the right to add, delete or modify coupons as we would like to help improve value for our customers.  Please know they are all over the net with our advertisers and affiliates.   Sign up for our emails and texts to get direct offers, we typically all share the same coupons and sales!


What Does the Tip-to-Tail Warranty Cover?

Our warranty covers damaged and defective products.   Extra warranty is available for products as well. Please see our warranty page for more.

How Can I make a Return?

Velvet sex toy products are intimate adult toys. We do not accept any product returns as policy, contact us if you believe a special circumstance is warranted.

How Do I Get a Replacement or Exchange?

Velvet Co. will replace items if they are defective or damaged within the first year of the date of purchase. In that case, send us an email at help@velvet-brands.com.

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Absolutely. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more details.

How can I make a Wholesale Order?

Email us at alex@thethruster.com to inquire about wholesale orders. You’re also welcome to apply to become a Velvet Co. affiliate.

Other Sex toy questions.

What is the difference between a fun factory pulsator and a thruster?

The pulsator product has weighted balls inside the dildo which are used to generate a jiggling back-and-forth, approximately 1" inch of movement. Our Velvet thruster sex toy products use our own patented drive to move the toy in a back-and-forth thrusting motion and thrust more than 3" inches with our prime model. It does this while also flexing, extremely difficult to engineer but makes a far better product.