Couples who play together, stay together. That belief is one of the reasons why Velvet Thruster celebrates hardcore sex and adventurous play so openly and so frequently. No matter what’s going on in your life, the bedroom is always available to you and your partner as a place to strip everything away (literally) and have fun!

By heightening the pain and pleasure sensations you experience in the bedroom, sex toys can vastly improve both your sex life and your relationship. These are the reasons why toys are great for couples.

1. Better Sex

The bedroom is one place where you don’t want to establish a clear-cut routine. Sex toys can help shake up any repetitiveness that may be forming – simply try something new every time things feel dry. Not only will you discover a whole new range of sensations, but you’ll also be experiencing better and more frequent orgasms thanks to the sheer horsepower that a toy will introduce. For most couples, experimenting with sex toys in a mindful, gradual manner will lead to an improved, more satisfying sex life.

That being said, sex toys are not for all couples. If that becomes the case for you and your partner, shelve your toys and go for something simpler, such as sensuously scented candles or luxurious sheets, to turn things up a notch in the bedroom without going crazy.

2. New Experiences To Share Together

couple in bed

A couple lies in bed together

Numerous studies have shown that people become closer when they share new experiences together. If you want to make new memories with your partner but don’t have the time to plan a skydiving trip, then a frisky round of couples’ play in the bedroom just might make for a perfect alternative way to explore.

There’s a whole world of gentle and hardcore toys for couples out there including ergonomic massagers, powerful sex machines, and luxury bondage gear. And remember: sex is never JUST about sex. By creating experiences shared only by the two of you, you and your partner are also investing in your relationship.

3. A More Equal (Orgasmic) Playing Field

Orgasms don’t always “come” equally. In many relationships - particularly heterosexual ones – one partner will finish less frequently than the other. The reality is that men usually have an easier time getting there than women do. Thanks to sex toys for couples, women can make sure they get an orgasm out of the exchange. Use external vibrators for a clitoral orgasm or (and this is our favorite way) achieve a glorious g-spot orgasm with our powerful and bulbous thrusting dildo, The Frankie!

bending velvet thruster

Thrusting dildo The Frankie is shown extended & bent.

4. A Great Way To Practice

One of the top benefits of adult toys is that many of them can be used both alone or with a partner. This versatility gives you a good way to work on your sex life, even when you’re not together. Ladies: need some work on achieving vaginal orgasm? Practice on your own time with one of our thrusting, vibrating dildos and then use what you’ve learned to enhance your couples’ play! Guys: need to work on your endurance? Masturbator sleeves are the way to go.

There are also lots of benefits to “performing” with the toys in front of each other, too: using toys in front of each other is a great way for couples to show each other what they like.

5. Take Control… Or Give It Up

When you add electric-powered sex toys to the mix in the bedroom, you introduce an element of control. Who gets to control the orgasm? Who gets to press the buttons that determine speed, angle, etc.? If anything’s better than getting an orgasm, it’s giving one. Make your partner beg for it, or give them the controls and submit to their whims.

The speed controls on our Thrusters make them particularly great toys for couples who like to play with giving and withholding orgasms. They’re conveniently located on the base of our toys and indicate the current speed with clarity. Hold it in place as your partner reaches orgasm…. Or turn down the speed at the last minute.

6. Juicy Power Dynamics

There’s nothing juicier than power dynamics. Even if you don’t consider yourself a BDSM enthusiast, there are still basic bondage toys that you can introduce to your bedroom to introduce the element of power play. Wearables such as a collar or fishnet stockings will do wonders to heighten the mood. Impact tools such as canes and whips come in a variety of strengths, ready for you to explore at your own pace. Use them as a more productive way to resolve arguments – making sure you’ve got your safe word set up, of course.

7. Sex, Your Way

rainbow pride flag

One of our favorite things that toys can do for couples is help them to get the physical experience they want. Advanced strap-on harnessed dildos allow anyone to penetrate, while extender sleeves and buffers allow men to elongate or shorten their stuff to accommodate their partners. Realistic packers and other silicone items allow trans people to express their gender during sex and otherwise. The sex toy market is becoming very inclusive, now offering products for virtually every couple to play with.

Hardcore Toys For Couples To Explore Together

Sex toy use may not come very naturally to you and your partner at first, but the process of figuring things out is an important part of the fun (and bonding experience). Whether you’ve got some repairing to do in your relationship or you just want to advance things a little sexually, adult toys can be an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. Make you and your partner’s hardcore fantasies come true with The Thrusters, our portable thrusting toys designed for couples and solo users!