Velvet Thrusters are Affordable Sex Machines

Sex machines are an intense and kinky way to enhance your intimate experience when your favorite dildo isn’t cutting it anymore. The downside? Most adult toy machines tend to be over-engineered, too complicated, too bulky, or far too expensive to have in the bedroom. Robust pleasure tools like floor-standing or saddle-type machines require a hefty investment, and maybe even a huge hiding place.

Some smaller and less-expensive machines don’t require that same level of commitment but can leave its user unsatisfied with its significantly weaker vibrations and thrusts. Fortunately, Velvet Co. has discovered a way around these inconvenient qualities with truly affordable sex machines.

Sometimes the best things in life are free—other times they’re the next best thing: affordable. Don’t compromise when it comes to price or powerful thrusts! Shop Velvet Co.’s collection of Velvet Thrusters and find the handheld sex machine of your dreams at a price you won’t be able to pass up.

What Are Sex Machines?

Affordable Sex Machine

Sex machines have been around for hundreds of years. These enormous and powerful inventions were originally made in an attempt to treat women’s health issues. They were implemented by doctors and “treated” female patients with vibrations—which usually resulted in orgasms. This device was eventually streamlined into the smaller, less intimidating oscillating dildos that closely resemble the vibrators we see today.

Sex toy machines of this century come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Size and power are two major factors that affect the affordability of a sex machine. Modern adult toy machines are equipped with mechanisms designed to stimulate your genitals and provide intense pleasure until you hit your climax. The deep, penetrating thrusts of an industrial sex machine are achieved through a series of motors. Most standing machines require large accommodations because of the high-powered technology that goes into making the toy thrust safely and powerfully.

Smaller sex machines like oscillating dildos usually cost less. Its size usually restricts the strength of its internal motors, which limits the depth and rate of penetration. One experimental and daring way of getting a sex machine that is both affordable and intense involves attaching your favorite dildo to various power tools. But this isn’t an avenue we’d recommend.

At Velvet Co., sex machines are synonymous with safe, compact, satisfying, and affordable. Our adult toy machines are engineered precisely and feature the strength and power we associate with large floor-standing machines. The handheld convenience of our Velvet Thruster collection is unlike any other thrusting sex toy.

Why Are Sex Machines so Expensive?

Sex toys are expensive for a multitude of reasons. Most of us are aware that quality adult products made with the best materials tend to go for a steeper price. Another factor is features: if the sex toy vibrates or thrusts, complex machinery is more likely to be involved. That level of detailed work alone will make any sex machine less affordable.

Creating a sex toy that thrusts involves more than just a penetrating motion. The complexity typically results in a large, over-engineered, and costly adult toy machine. Most handheld oscillating dildos come at a lower price that sacrifices power and quality. People with high pleasure thresholds who require intense sensation might be left unsatisfied by these cheaper toys. Because of this, some adults might consider turning to modified sex tools as a third option. The biggest expenses for making your own affordable sex machine are the power tool that’s acting as the motor and the dildo that’s being thrust inside you. We advise against this method, as one wrong move can result in serious pain or injury.

Regular dildos may cost more than a Velvet Thruster, but when it comes to quality there’s no comparison. Sex machines at Velvet Co. are reasonably priced and the best for one reason: meticulous engineering by experts who know their stuff. Whether it’s anal or g-spot stimulation you’re after, all of our toys are manufactured with jet aircraft mechanics and materials. These adult toy machines were designed by aerospace engineers to be economical and effective using our patented thrusting technology.

All Velvet Thrusters are made from high-quality silicone, are rechargeable, and come with different features like vibrating, flexible shafts or suction-cup bases. Our affordable sex machine collection proves that bigger and more expensive toys aren’t necessarily better.

How Do Velvet Co.’s Sex Machines Compare?

Sex machines have come a long way since the 1800s, and the Thruster series is a perfect example of what innovative engineering can do when it comes to new technology. The Thruster was made to be an incredible handheld sex machine you can keep in your bedside drawer during the day and use later that night to rock your world.

Our toys are significantly safer than DIY sex tools and cost less than your average thousand-dollar floor-standing sex machine. The ergonomic controls and features allow you to adjust the intensity of your thrusts without fuss—something other economical adult toy machines can’t always deliver.

Don’t get tangled up in annoying cords when you could enjoy a portable mini or affordable retro sex machine in a revolutionary product line. The proof is in the reviews and testimonials: if you want more thrust, you come to us.

 A couple engaging in foreplay.

Erotic Delight at the Right Price

It’s no surprise that Velvet Co.’s Thrusters are making history with our patented thrusting technology. Whether you’re into anal stimulation or want something that feels closer to the real deal, your first orgasm from Velvet Co. will prove our adult toy machines are unlike anything you’ve experienced. No one else can offer you a toy made from medical-grade silicone with this kind of portability at such an amazing price.

If our thruster doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, return it with our 1-year warranty— no questions asked. Save even more money by taking advantage of our free shipping. Find the best affordable sex machines for adults at Velvet Co. today!