What's a creative gift wrapping idea for a sex toy to add more excitement to the gift? 

Something that I find super sexy is a nicely put together present - when thinking sexy, think things that are silky, smooth, luxurious. This could be putting together a high end box to put the sex toy in that’s in a satin bag, and gift wrapping with sensual colors like black, red, cream, deep violet, etc. Make the unboxing an EXPERIENCE. 


How can I use a sex toy gift to spice up a long-distance relationship 

Long-distance relationships suffer the consequence of not having sexual contact, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have meaningful sexual interactions. When sending a sex toy, set up a fun virtual date where you instruct your partner on how to use the toy (or they put on a show). This can make your virtual meetings way more exciting than the typical facetime catchups.  


What can you get a woman (Besides dildos) who already has: vibrator, clit sucker, wand, and but plugs??  

This is a woman of absolute taste - she loves a little bit of everything. While she already seems to have it all, I recommend trying the luxurious route: Stainless steel toys. They are high-end, heavy, and put a elite spin on your typical sex toys (like L’Acier’s stainless steel dildo selection). 


Can you buy someone a sex toy even if you've never heard them talk about their sex life or using toys? 

Short answer yes, long answer maybe. Buying someone a sex toy is an intimate experience and I always recommend having some sort of convo or educated meter on if it’s something they are comfortable exploring or receiving. If you’re not sure, ask: I will say, I’ve never been dissapointed by a sex toy gift.  


Are there any considerations I should take into account when gifting a sex toy to a same-sex couple or someone who identifies as non-binary? 

This is a fabulous question because the answer is yes, there are some things to take into account! I ALWAYS recommend staying away from stereotypical gendered toys when gifting to queer/non-binary folks: This means getting toys that are neutral in color. Think black, yellow, turquoise, violets, etc. I also recommend getting toys that are neutral in shape  aka not being an outright penis replica (unless they have stated it’s what they want). Lastly, having a gauge on what type of stimulation they like: Are they into penetration? Vibration? External stim? This will help you choose a toy that they will use, be respectful, and be gender affirming.  


How can I overcome any potential awkwardness or embarrassment around giving a sex toy as a gift? 

I always tell myself that the gift of pleasure keeps on giving: It’s a birthright we are all entitled to enjoy. Gifting someone the potential of pleasure isn’t embarrassing, it’s caring! I would also recommend asking if receiving a sex toy is in their field, that way you feel neutral about gifting it.