Happy Hallow-Scream! 


The month of October is filled with screams of all kinds, and we think this is the perfect time of year to do a deep dive into our favorite kind of screams: screams of pleasure. 

As we grow up and begin to learn more about sex, we have this idea that if you aren’t having loud sex then you aren’t enjoying it. In movies of all kinds, we tend to see over exaggerated screams of passion, specifically from women.  While for some this may be true, it most certainly is not the case for all. The amount of noise you make isn't a direct measurement of your enjoyment. This idea is something that appears to be more centered around women. Yes, women do tend to make more noise than men, but like most everything else in life, we all like things in our own way. This isn't a "one-size-fits-all" situation; however, being more vocal during sex definitely has its advantages. So, what exactly are the benefits of screaming and loud sex?  


1. Expressing enjoyment can lead to enhanced pleasure  

Noise can have a very positive effect when you're in the throes. It can enhance the arousal of not only you, but your partner as well. Moaning is a natural response to pleasure. This is not to say that if you aren't having loud sex, you aren't doing it right. Some people are just quieter. But, to put it bluntly, sometimes no noise at all can be a real mood killer. Julieta Chiara, Thruster's resident sex-expert, said, "Being loud can add to the experience. Nothing is hotter than hearing how much your partner is being pleasured or being able to howl your screams without restraint." So maybe just try to slip in a different sound here and there. Test out the waters and see if you like it. We have no doubt that it will enhance not only your partner's pleasure, but your own as well.  


2. Can be a form of communication during sex  

Being vocal during sex is a great way to share with your partner what you are feeling without using actual words. Different sounds can help signify different feelings. By using moans, whispers, grunts, and all different kinds of sex noises, you can communicate with your partner if something feels good, to go faster, or maybe that you're close to an orgasm. "Loud sex, noises, and screaming are super normal and PRIMAL. We use vocalization to express ourselves, and in this case, we're expressing our pleasure," says Chiara.  

Being vocal is often used as way of faking pleasure or faking orgasm. Noise should be used to encourage and signify to your partner that what they're doing is causing you to experience pleasure. So, if you are faking it, you aren't helping yourself or your partner. By moaning or screaming about something that you don't actually like, you're sending mixed signals. Why would you want to encourage something that doesn’t do anything for you?  


3. Being vocal can help boost self-esteem  

Verbal affirmation is never really a bad thing, right? In work and life, we tend to appreciate when someone shows us that we are appreciated and we are doing well. You might not need it, but every once in a while, it feels good to know that you're doing something right. Well, the same goes for sex. This is a time when you might be at your most vulnerable and emotionally open with someone else, and sometimes it can be intimidating. Overthinking and second-guessing can be something that is hard to avoid, especially if you are not completely comfortable in the moment. Something as small as a moan could be the signal that lets the other person know that what they are doing is working. It can be a type of reassurance and positive reinforcement.     


4. Can be less intimidating than dirty talk  

Not everyone is into the idea of dirty talk. It can be an uncomfortable thing to try out.  If you're looking for a happy medium, making small noises at first can help you let go of your inhibitions. Start by whispering or moaning your partner's name. Small things like that can be major turn-ons. You can also try things out during solo play! If you're wanting to test the waters, solo masturbation is a great opportunity to scream and moan as much as you like without having to feel any nerves or feelings of insecurity. So, grab your favorite thruster and don't hold back! 


5. Holding back can keep you from feeling “in the moment”   

Holding in emotions is just not healthy. When we’re sad, we cry. When we’re angry, we might raise our voice. When we’re happy, we laugh. So why should it be different with sex and pleasure? If your body is feeling something, and you try to keep it in for fear of embarrassing yourself, it could dim your experience. If you feel the need moan, do it. Making noise is natural, and it might increase your sexual pleasure. “When we suppress sound, we tend to suppress our breathing. When you hold your breath, you might not be fully feeling all the sensations you could be. When we exhale and let noise come out, we can sync deeper into the feelings of pleasure," Chiara says.  


So, grab your Halloween boo, and get screaming! And if you're using a toy, we recommend using a Thruster, because it will get your heart beating faster than a haunted house. Happy Hallo-scream!  



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