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So you’ve fallen in love with your first sex toy and now you’re just itching to find out what else is out there? Whether your beginner sex toy was a dildo, a simple bullet vibe, or a fuzzy tickler, we’re glad it did the trick and introduced you. Welcome to the party! Each new toy adds a new dimension to your self-play or couples’ play, helping things stay fresh in the bedroom.

What Comes After Beginner Sex Toys?

There are many ways to explore. You can find your favorite category of toy and try out different versions within it: even two dildos of the same size can deliver sensations depending on what material and design is used. Or, you could try different categories of sex toys altogether, moving from penetrative toys to teasing external toys to BDSM toys. Finally, thrill-seekers may want to move up from beginner sex toys to those that present a size, speed or pain challenge.

When we designed our Thrusters, we designed them for the thrill-seeking and thrust-loving. They’re one of the many toys you can reach for when you’re feeling hardcore. Read on for our top recommendations for thrilling sex toys to use when your first one starts feeling like child play.

For Hardcore Size

Size isn’t the only factor that dictates pleasure, but it’s definitely a key factor for many! If you’re an anal or vaginal pleasure addict who likes your thrust or vibration in a big way, increasing the size of your toys can be a good way to move on from your beginner sex toy.

A Note On Materials

Don’t forget that materials can dictate how filling your toy feels, and even two toys of the same material can feel entirely distinct. Silicone comes in either soft or rigid realistic-feeling densities, while materials such as wood, stainless steel, and ceramics tend to give an unrelenting filling experience. Choose the material that brings out the best of whatever size toy you’ve chosen.

Big Dildos

he Walter, a thrusting anal bead dildo, is shown extended and bent

Depending on what anal or vaginal erogenous zones you want to explore, you can try upping the width or length of the big dildos you try. A pleasing width for a dildo will be about 1.5” in diameter, but that doesn’t mean this sex toy size is only for beginners.

 We made two of our Thrusters, Jackie and Frankie, exactly that width at the tip because we wanted to focus on hitting the right zones at mouthwatering speeds.

Big Plugs

If you enjoy supplementing intercourse or masturbation with toys, then big, wide butt plugs are a great way to go. They help to heighten the sensations you feel during intercourse, and a bigger size can be more pleasurable. Plugs come in every size and are sometimes sold in sets of different sizes to help you progress from a beginner sex toy to a plug you’ll want to write home about.

Big Beads

Dildos are exciting to use anally, but anal beads give a juicy feeling of incremental pleasure and are the first sex toy we go to when anal pleasure is the night’s focus. Go for extremely long or thick incremental beads to mix up your anal game. Many people who’ve tried our Walter Thruster find the largest beads to be a challenge – take the plunge if beginner sized sex toys aren’t enough for your backdoor!

For Hardcore Speed

During sex, action naturally builds from slow and sensual to fast and intense – and that’s when the big finish usually happens. Most toys depend on their users to control the speed of use, but there are also toys out there that do the work for you.

Sex Machines (The Thruster)

Until sex robots walk the earth, sex machines are the closest you’ll get to replicating intercourse with a machine. Sex machines are typically floor-standing machines with a thrusting dildo attached. With incredible ease, they can reach intense speeds that may be way too high for beginners.

Our Thrusters were designed to make this concept much more accessible for at-home use. They’re handheld but they can reach speeds of up to 140 thrusts per minute. They also vibrate to deliver a more holistic feel. Beginners can start by using our sex toys at slow speeds, then work on finding out what their “speed limits” are.

For Hardcore Vibrations

Wand Vibrators

Good vibrations aren’t enough… Sometimes you need CRAZY vibrations. Bullet vibes have an irreplaceable place on the sex toy family tree, but when you want to move past your first vibrating sex toy and get hardcore, wand vibrators should be your next step. Wand vibes such as the Hitachi Magic Wand push things to the limit – chances are you’ll feel numb when you’re done. We also love the power play with wand vibrators; hand control to a partner and see what happens.

For Pain (So Good)

Some beginners already know they’ll enjoy impact sex toys, but it takes most BDSM enthusiasts a little longer to realize their potential. If you think you might enjoy some restraint, power play or pain during sex, you can test the waters with:

  • Nipple clamps
  • Bondage rope/tape
  • Handcuffs
  • Whips, paddles, and canes
  • Light e-stim toys
  • Spreader bars
  • Body harnesses
  • Ball gags

Any one of these toys would make a great first foray into BDSM with your partner! Solo BDSM play is a little more difficult, but it can be done. Hint: ice locks are a thing.

Shop The Thrill-Seeker’s Holy Grail

The Jackie realistic thrusting dildo. Not a beginner sex toy

As with most activities, beginner and veteran sex toy users will have completely different attitudes when it comes to their kinky hobby. Many adults test the waters with a simple toy, but only some will go on to become hardcore enthusiasts. If you do find yourself getting really, really into toys, we highly recommend you try the toys in this article! You’ll discover a range of sensations you didn’t know your body could experience.

With their powerful and fast motion, our Thruster collection gives thrust-lovers a night to remember every time they feel the urge. There are four people-pleasing models to choose from. Discover the one that will please you!