One of the best dildos, a mini thruster

Dildos are the most well-established sex toys in the history of the world, and they’ve come a long way. One of the reasons why we founded Velvet Thruster was to upgrade the basic dildo design and create the best dildo for modern users in search of something more. The results are a sex machine powerful enough for hardcore kinksters yet low-key enough for meek or beginner users.

With up to 6.5 inches of insertable length, up to 140 strokes per minute in stroke speed, and up to 90˚ flexibility, our Thrusters make pleasure dreams of all sorts come true. Read on to discover more reasons why The Thruster is an unparalleled people-pleaser!

1. The Right Size (Portable Yet Satisfying)

Dimensions of the mini-thruster

The best dildos are the right size for you while still being portable enough to tote around or hide when company’s coming. Our original Thrusters have 6.5” of insertable length and 11” of total length. When turned on, they thrust a further 3” inside of you. Our new Mini Thruster, on the other hand, has 5 inches of insertable length and is 9” in total, with 2.5” thrust distance.

Velvet Thrusters feel just like your average dildo… Until you turn them on. Then, they turn into something extraordinary.

2. The Right Material (Lifelike Yet Safe)

Size isn’t the only reason why the best dildos feel so good. They also have to have the right texture for you. When it comes to firmness, you probably have a personal preference; most people like something lifelike or a little firmer. Our Thrusters are encased in velvety soft medical-grade silicone to achieve that exact feel.

Body-safety is also an important feature for dildos to have. Silicone is a body-safe material because it is bacteria-repellant and easy to clean. Some other safe dildo materials include ceramic and borosilicate glass, but these are slightly harder to fashion into a thrusting or vibrating design.

3. The Right Angle (Ergonomic For All People)

Velvet thruster Frankie

The best dildos don’t just poke around; they hit your erogenous zones, whether that’s a g-spot, a-spot, p-spot, or some other zone you favor. While straight-as-a-ruler dildos have their purpose, a curved or bendable dildo will slide in and out and hit your sweet spots more easily. Good thing our Thrusters are easily manipulated to become just the right angle for you, no matter what you like.

Shop Thrusters For All Bodies

When creating our Thrusters, we wanted them to please bodies of all genders and sizes, as well as couples of all kinds. The best dildo must exclude no one. We think you’ll be happy with what we’ve figured out! Shop the original Thruster if you like hardcore versatility, or go for the Mini Thruster if you want something smaller with a suction base.