The Link Between Gratitude and Mind-Blowing Pleasure: Why Gratitude is the Sexiest Accessor

Welcome, darlings, to the divine world where gratitude meets your bedroom antics! Gratitude isn't just a feel-good sentiment; it's the secret sauce to unlocking mind-blowing sexual pleasure. 


The brain is our first and most powerful sexual organ: Without being turned on, and tuned in, we are unlikely to experience the full range of our sexual pleasure. If we live so much of the day and years in our heads (whether for good or bad), how do we tune back in? Turn back on? There are a million ways, but the easiest and best is gratitude.  


Cue, Gratitude. 


When you're showering your mind with gratitude, it's like giving it a VIP pass to pleasure. Gratitude rewires your brain with positive emotions, rewinds the stress, and hits the pleasure buttons with the precision of a maestro. In it’s simplest terms, it's the act of pouring your appreciation into yourself, your body, another person, the world, you name it. When we think about being grateful, we usually FEEL the gratitude in our body, and it feels GOOD.  


It can look like being grateful for the amazing life and body you have, verbally saying affirmations in the mirror, or sending your partner a saucy text to recognize their sexy self. 


You may feel a tingle in your stomach, a warming of your heart, or maybe a clit zap if you’re thinking of a hot erotic time you’ve had - that’s gratitude.  


Gratitude Looks Good on You: 


Gratitude isn't confined to verbal affirmations alone. It's a lifestyle, a vibe. When you make gratitude your daily mantra, you're cultivating a positive mindset that spills over into your bedroom adventures. Picture this: You're feeling grateful for the simple pleasures in life—sunshine, a hot cup of coffee, a compliment from your boss. Guess what? That gratitude vibe doesn't just vanish when the lights dim; it becomes a radiant aura that enhances every touch, kiss, and connection with your partner. 


Gratitude brings us a state of relaxation, radiance, and high energy - the exact formula needed for experiencing IMMENSE amount of pleasure.  


What Can Gratitude Help Us Let Go Of? 


To be extra realistic with you, life isn't always a bed of roses. We face challenges, conflicts, and the occasional hiccups in our relationships. We get busy with life, have stress from work, or snap with our partners: A small (or big) moment of gratitude can help interject a surge of positive emotion where there is otherwise chaos.  

Gratitude isn't just about enhancing pleasure; it's about breaking down barriers. It dissolves tension faster than a chocolate bar melts on a hot day. When you're thankful, you're letting go of insecurities, judgments, and anxieties that can be total mood killers (or clit killers as I like to call them). Ever heard of gratitude being the gateway drug to vulnerability? Well, it is! And guess what vulnerability does in the bedroom? It's helps us be ourselves, be open, and feel seen if we are comfortable.  


How to Cultivating Gratitude for Enhanced Sexual Pleasure 


Developing a practice of gratitude can help enhance your pleasure, dropping you back into your body. Here are some of my fave ways as to cultivate gratitude as a sex coach:  


  1. Gratitude Journaling: Every morning in a journal or your phone notes, write down 20 things you are wildy grateful for: Include aspects of your sexuality and intimate moments that bring you joy and satisfaction. Close your eyes, and feel into every single one - your morning will transform!


  1. Expressing Gratitude: Vocalize your gratitude to your partner for both small and significant gestures, like the way they kiss you or the way they fuck you. Hell, vocally express gratitude for yourself and how you show up in your relationships!


  1. Mindfulness and Presence: During intimate moments, practice mindfulness and focus on the sensations, emotions, and connection with your partner. I love to use gratitude as part of my dirty talk, like “I’m so fucking grateful you make me cum every single time”.


  1. Visualize Gratitude: I like to mastrubate with gratitude by envisioning it as a ball of energy moving from my throat to my vulva. With every piece of gratitude you express, envision moving that ball of radiating energy down into your sexual space, and FEEL!


Your Turn: 


So, there you have it, lovelies! Embracing gratitude is the simplest, sexiest, most potent elixir for a sizzling, pleasure-packed love life. Whether you’re expressing gratitude for yourself, a partner, or the air you breathe in the morning - I invite you to enjoy the feeling that comes with it, and savor it into every experience.  


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