drill how to build a sex machine

Sex Machine Building Guide

There are sex toys, and then there are sex machines. Most sex machines are typically large floor-standing contraptions with a rotating flywheel connected to a steel rod where you attach a dildo. There are others that are attachments for power tools, like a reciprocating saw. You can buy them in kits with assembly required, or rig them yourself in your garage. Both types struggle in the bedroom.

If you want to build your own sex machine, there are some key things to avoid. We have used all types and will pass along what we know to help you achieve success. 

1. It can be stiff and unforgiving. The worst part about a floor mounted sex machine is that steel rod where you attach your dildo at the end. Typically for a woman to use this she would back up to it while in doggy style and get the tip aligned inside. Then you or someone close by had to flick the switch and hope for a smooth entry.  You get jabbed 100% of the time by that steel rod either on the entry, exit or dismount; it's nearly impossible to maintain that one position for an extended time without moving.

2. Anything connected to an arbitrary power tool like your drill or a saws-all was not built for the purpose of becoming a sex machine. Far too much noise, weight, and distraction. This could also never be done by yourself. 

When developed and built our first sex machine, we want to make it handheld. It also had to be powerful so that it would not stall. And flexibility was a requirement so it could bend while thrusting, making solo use easy and fun.

Eventually, we wound up getting a patent for our drive mechanism that we used in creating our first Thrusting Dildo. Actually, among other things, we patented using a screw reverser for reciprocating movement in a sex toy. Like on your fishing reel. You turn that screw one direction and a connected nut moves back and forth to create strokes. But also, the technology didn't exist to do this before 2015, batteries did not have enough power to drive a high torque motor required not to stall when used for vaginal or anal penetration. Sex tech has come a long way! But if you want to build your own sex machine here are some tips to make it more comfortable.


Velvet Thruster Sex Machines

We’re Velvet Brands, a boutique sex toy company that designed and manufactures the best quality sex machines for adult pleasure. We weren't "new" to engineering, having owned and operated an advanced aerospace manufacturing operation in Austin, Texas for more than 23 years. After the sale of that company, we decided to do something more fun and less intimating than airplane and rocket parts. The Thruster was the first of its kind, a powerful thrusting vibrating in a handheld and cordless sex toy. 

If you enjoy penetration and vaginal orgasm, you'll love the Thruster. And if you’re still set on building your own sex machine, here’s how you’ll want to do it.


Set Your Sex Machine Budget

Before ordering all the materials and learning the steps on how to build your sex machine, it’s important to set a budget. Generally, you can spend as little as $200 for a low-end machine and up to $20,000 if you are looking to build a high-performance machine.

  • Materials You'll Need

One of the first steps you’ll need to figure out when learning how to build sex machines is the materials and parts you’ll use. There are a few basic materials you’ll need, which are available online through retailers like Amazon and 80/20. If this is your first time building a sex machine, you may want to look at a few tutorials to get some inspiration. Depending on the design and performance, you can choose higher quality materials. The following materials will allow you to decide on how performant or stylistic you want your machine to be:

  • Motor for Sex Machine

This is usually the costliest part of the machine, but also the most important part of learning how to build a sex machine. Look for motors with an RPM between 250 and 350. The higher the RPM, the faster the penetration.
  • Flywheel

This is the part that converts the rotation from the motor into a back-and-forth movement used for penetration. By drilling some holes at various distances from the center of the flywheel, you can adjust the amount of thrust. Depending on the size of the flywheel and where you drill the holes, you can change the amount of thrust, anywhere from 1.5 inches to 6 inches.
  • Pushrods and Bearings

These are the thrusting mechanism, and where you would connect your dildo, vibrator, or thruster. We suggest using an aluminum rod and dust-free bearings because they are less noisy and provide plenty of stability.
  • Penetrating Device

This step is one of the most fun when learning how to build a sex machine. You can choose to attach a dildo to the end of the pushrod or you can add some fittings that allow you to use a set of interchangeable dildos. If you have a dildo, fleshlight, or vibrator, you may opt to add connectors so that you can easily swap one sex toy for the other. Assembling the Sex Machine

Now that you know the different parts you’ll need, let’s dive a little deeper into how to build your sex machine. To save money, you can purchase the essential materials we’ve listed from an online retailer. You can then get the more basic nut and bolt pieces from a local hardware store.

Assembling these parts is rather easy and only requires basic hardware tools including wrenches, screwdrivers, and an electric drill (if you plan on drilling holes through the flywheel).

Alternatives to DIY Sex Machines


If you’re not ready yet to learn how to build a sex machine entirely on your own, or are looking for a more convenient alternative, handheld thrusters may be a good option. Recently, a few advanced handheld thrusters have come to market which deliver up to three inches of thrust and 140 strokes per minute. Velvet Co.’s Classic Thrusters are similar to sex machines in the amount of thrusting power they deliver, yet are battery-powered, allowing you too conveniently use them anywhere.

Velvet Thruster Sex Toys

Velvet Co. has taken the best elements of a stationary sex machine and made them more personal.  With 2 main products series:

  1. Prime, which is the Build Your Own Dildo interface on our website.  This model allows you to change top, or heads, during play. Even add accessories to make it easy to hold and use for solo masturbation as well.
  2.  Velvet Thruster Mini which packs a powerful motor and battery in small economic package plus has a built-in suction cup that mounts nicely in a strap-on dildo, so that you can still experience the full penetrating pleasure experience handsfree.
  3. and our newest handheld sex machine, Auto-Solo, essentially a velvet stroker for men.  It's upgraded with a steel drive screw and fits our swappable stroker insert cups.  "Eve" is the first release and is beautiful pocket pussy designed to work with your velvet stroker!  And yes, if you own some fleshlights you can jam them in and auto-stroker away! See image below.



So now you have a choice. Turn our guide on how to build your own sex machine into one of your very own, or build on the work of other engineers. When it comes to your pleasure, whatever it takes!