If either you or your partner was assigned male at birth, you are in luck... a prostate is in the mix. Did you know that the prostate's primary function is to make that bitter-tasting fluid that is a major part of semen? The prostate has another lesser-known purpose, it happens to be a major sexual hotspot or nerve ending known as the P-Spot. Messaging and stimulating the prostate can result in amazing orgasms that surpass traditional orgasms in intensity. 

Getting Over Stigma of Anal


There are some pretty serious social stigmas around enjoying anal play that we need to get out of the way. If you or your partner are a straight cis male, that doesn’t mean that anal play is off-limits. We wish this went without saying, but: The p-spot is a sensitive area, and the way it feels when it's aroused has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation. 

Because of this stigma, is important to establish consent and have a serious conversation with your partner about prostate stimulation and talk about any hesitations or excitement to ensure that you are both on the same page when exploring new sexual encounters.

Hygiene is Very Important

Now before we start, take a look at your hands. Are they clean? Like super clean? And how about your nails? If you’re attached to having longer nails then you’ll want to ask your partner if they’re interested in exploring their p-spot with you using a curved, rounded toy, like the Reverb or our Slide Wand. The tissue you’re going to be stimulating is super sensitive and long nails can scratch interior portions and completely ruin the experience.

Use Lube for Prostate Exploration

For a pleasurable experience, you will definitely want to use lubrication and lots of it! We recommend using a water-based lube, as it is safe with all your silicone toys and easy to clean up afterward. Remember the anus does not produce its own lubrication so it is absolutely essential to use lubrication, we recommend Gleam.

Take Your Time

If you’re given the go-ahead, then slowly and gently insert a well-lubed finger by first applying pressure with the pad of your finger until you feel the body relax. If you’re aware of the g-spot and how to find it, then you’ll find this next little bit extremely familiar. You’re going to gently feel for a small, round gland about 2 inches in and towards the front of the body. Just like with the g-spot, you’ll then want to use a ‘come-hither’ motion to stimulate the area. This is the moment where things can start to feel very medical, instead of sexy, if you’re not careful. So use your other hand to stroke the penis, the inner thighs or, if you’re feeling coordinated, perform oral sex at the same time. If it feels good for your partner and they want you to continue, then try varying pressures and speeds to find just the right combo. If it’s just too much then slowly remove your finger. Many people find that they can actually reach orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, but don’t make this the goal of your first time exploring, just enjoy the ride.

Introduce a Sex Toy

Once you are comfortable using a finger to stimulate your prostate, try stepping up your game and bringing a sex toy into the bedroom. We recommend the slide, our stainless steel anal wand, it has the perfect curvature and the bulbous sections are sure to bring pleasure. Being stainless steel it's also very hygienic and very easy to clean. Are you an advanced user looking for something a bit more hardcore for your anal stimulations? We suggest giving our hardcore anal dildo a look.

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