Married Couples Like Sex Toys Too!

Two hands with wedding bands.

Marriage is beautiful, but it can also be challenging. We can see no worthier goal for The Thruster line than for it to join a married couple’s sex toy arsenal for them to enjoy.

A person’s private sex toy collection is a self-care toolbox. A shared assortment of sex toys built over time in a marriage is a unique treasure and a testament of love. In this post, we’ll explore the use of toys in marriage and give examples of toys you can try!

Benefits Of Sex Toys In Long-Term Relationships

There are many benefits to using sex toys as a couple. These include:

  • That juicy feeling of having a shared secret
  • Helping partners stay sexually stimulated when away from each other
  • Exploring power dynamics, almost like playing house (but for adults!)
  • Making marathon sex sessions easier
  • Ensuring that both partners orgasm
  • Keeping the relationship fresh and interesting

In short, sex toys are a simple way for married couples to make things run smoother not just in the bedroom, but also when it comes to the other tricky aspects of being in a long-term union.

These Toys Are For Non-Traditional Marriages, Too!

A couple in wedding attire wear lace sneakers.

In today’s society, many people choose to be in dedicated long-term relationships without marriage. Many committed couples also choose to swing rather than stay 100% monogamous. All variations of marriage can benefit from the toys we recommend here.

1. Luxury BDSM Kits

For: All Couples

Luxury BDSM toys are like the naughty version of a wedding band; they’re investments into the relationship that contribute to the feeling of mutual possession that both partners feel. That’s why we’re always recommending BDSM sex toys for married couples. Consider these for your collection:

  • Leather or metal restraints such as collar and leash, handcuffs, blindfolds;
  • Leather impact tools such as whips and paddles;
  • A ready-made kit of BDSM tools.

2. Rabbit Vibrators

For: Straight Or Lesbian Couples

Ensure that both partners always end up happy by using orgasm-inducing sex toys in your marriage. If you’re only planning on owning one toy, make it a rabbit vibrator. By stimulating multiple erogenous zones at once, a traditional rabbit vibrator produces a satisfying orgasm that also happens to be satisfying to watch for the other partner.

3. Penis Rings

For: Straight Or Gay Couples

Penis rings are one of the easiest (and cheapest) sex toys for married couples to own. They help the male party last longer, get harder, and firm up the balls for a sexy banging sensation for their partner. Choose a simple band or a vibrating option to help increase sensation for your partner.

4. Remote Control Vibrators

For: All Couples

Vibrating dildos, vibrating prostate massagers, bullet vibrators and just about every other kind of vibrator are available in remote controlled versions. Some can even be controlled across the country or across the world using a phone app. This kind of toy allows one partner to have control over the other’s pleasure – a sweet but simple power dynamic.

5. Sex Wedges (And Other Furniture)

For: All Couples

Sex wedges and furniture aren’t exactly sex toys, but they’re invaluable for couples. Sometimes you want sex to feel like a sport and you want to have to work to get into the right positions, but sometimes all you want to do is focus on the sensation. When that’s the case, a sex wedge, supportive cushion, or other piece of furniture will help both of you get in the ideal positions for pleasure and intimacy.

6. Masturbator Sleeves

For: Straight Or Gay Couples

A masturbator sleeve is another useful sex toy to have in marriage, especially those with a man with high sex drive. We recommend this sex toy for married couples to use as an aid during blow jobs or hand jobs. It’s ok to be lazy sometimes, especially when you've been together awhile.

7. Sex Machines

For: All Couples

The Thruster sex toy for married couples

Most of the toys on this list are laid-back and keep the majority of control in your partner’s hands, but you also need options for when your sexual craving is through the roof. When that’s the case, we recommend high-powered sex toys such as sex machines. These sex toys do the thrusting for married couples so that they can kick back a little.

The most cost-effective and space-efficient way to bring such a machine into your home is with our Thruster collection, sex toys which vibrate as well as thrust. Couples have reported that their favorite ways to use it together are to put on a masturbation show or to stay entertained when one partner is away. They work very well when paired with a sex toy mount!

8. Lube & Massage Oil

For: All Couples

Dildos and vibrators can be the most obvious sex toys for married couples to splurge on, but you also shouldn’t underestimate the libidinous power of lube, massage oil/candles, and other intimacy aids. When you’ve been together a long time, you’ll want to experience hardcore nights as well as intimate date nights that are more about being together than about the deed itself. On those nights, we recommend a sushi-and-massage date. Lube, on the other hand, is just great to have in a marriage involving sex toys or lots of sex!

Add The Thruster To Your Love Collection

The benefits of sex toys for married couples are numerous. That’s the goal of our Thrusters, to be a part of bringing people closer together! We’re only just getting started. View our collections today and keep an eye out for our future innovations.

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