Destigmatizing Sexual Wellness with Velvet Thruster

There’s a scene in an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha declares a day of masturbation. Determined to get off, she says: “Just hang on one more second, just one more second, just hang on, keep hangin’ on, stay with me.” When Charlotte calls and interrupts her, Samantha candidly spits out: “Charlotte, I’m masturbating. I told you I’d be doing that all day today.”

This scene has always stuck with me. Sex is both simple and complex. It can be just as personal as it is shared. It can be just as funny as it is intense. And while so many TV shows, movies, theatrical performances and novels portray the version of sex that’s shared, it’s rare to see masturbation put out there so unguardedly as that one scene with my girl, Sam Jones.

Sex Toys in the City

Masturbation has long been misdiagnosed as a taboo act — especially among women. It’s a shame since it seems so easy for us to discuss other ways we relish in sharing the ways we practice self-care, from binging a Netflix show and eating in bed to enjoying a day at the spa.

Things are getting better, I will say that. A glance at my own friend group reminds me of this, as I think of the many times we’ve discussed a sex toy like it’s a new hair product we’re trying out — sharing insight on how it works, what we like, and if we’d recommend it.

 Breaking Sexual Taboo

Personally, I’m sick of sexual health being a taboo topic. I’m over masturbation being sidelined and misunderstood. So when a sex toy brand reached out to me to spotlight their product, It took me seconds to say, “Fuck yes.”


Velvet Co. was created by a couple looking to develop a cost effective alternative to toys that require floor mounting or large equipment. The result is Sammie, Jackie, Teddy, Abbey, Frankie, and Walter, the six models of Velvet Thruster. “These powerful thrusting dildos provide a realistic personal experience toward achieving vaginal orgasm and to promote sexual health and well being,” the brand notes.

“The adult sex toy industry had been sadly behind the tech times for decades,” says the brand. “Somehow it got kicked under the rug as a shameful need. We enjoy crafting sex tech and encouraging sexual health. There’s no shame in pleasure.”

Velvet Thruster sent me a whole box of goodies, including one base and several different heads. I recommend the Abbey model. It features a curved vibrating tip perfect for hitting the G-spot, 90 degrees of bendability, and 6 vibrating speeds with up to 140 thrusts a minute. Whew!

Some of my favorite features of the Velvet Thruster include the super soft silicone and the option to use it plugged in or using battery power. I also like the dildo accessory options, including a partner play handle that ensures easy extended reach. and the suction cup, which fastens to the base and allows for strong hold to flat surfaces.


When it comes to sexuality, masturbation shouldn’t be an afterthought. Solo sex isn’t embarrassing. It’s healthy, and can enhance your relationships. So go ahead, enjoy a thrust, a vibration, and some unrequited pleasure.

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