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Most male-oriented sex toys are pretty basic in their approach: they’re fleshy receptacles designed for male thrusting. While we love these male massagers and appreciate their efficiency, we think it’s a shame that many of the other erogenous zones of men get ignored.

Why stick to basics, anyway? Whether you’re exploring your own body or seeking to pleasure your partner, a little review of the male erogenous zones can go a long way. Get tips now - and make sure to check our tips for stimulating female erogenous zones too!

Prostate Play

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The prostate is often considered the male g-spot. It’s a gland situated behind the front wall of the anus. This men’s erogenous zone is not just satisfying to stimulate on its own – paying a little attention to it also helps give rise to bigger, better orgasms.

Prostate toys get their own sections at most major sex toy shops, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right toy for you. Curved prostate massagers, whether vibrating or not, are specifically designed to find and pleasure the p-spot. Anal toys such as plugs and dildos will also rub up against the p-spot, but they work best when there’s a curve to the design. Our vibrating Thrusters, for instance, have an adjustable curve that you can customize to pleasure your personal anatomy.

Perineum Play

The perineum, colloquially known as the “gooch,” is an erogenous zone that some men like to see taken care of. A little bit of touching or licking during sex can help vary things up for your man. Alternatively, you can also bring a bullet vibrator into play: drag the vibrator along his thighs, then his perineum and anus to deliver an exciting range of sensations before or during sex.

Urethral Play

The urethra is an extremely kinky spot capable of delivering both pain and pleasure sensations. Only the adventurous dare visit, and safety precautions are an absolute must. Urethral stimulation not only provides unique sensations on its own, but it also helps heighten sensations felt during intercourse. To explore this erogenous zone unique to men, try using penis plugs or urethral sounds made from stainless steel, the safest material available.  

Body Play

Though the most intense male erogenous zones are located in that crotch zone, you should by no means neglect the sensitive areas of the body. For a little something extra, stimulate the neck, chest, thighs and other erogenous zones of men with impact toys or electro sex toys.

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