Sex Toys and Long Distance Relationships

We all want to be both physically and emotionally close to the ones we love. But for long-distance relationships, the latter isn’t always an option. These couples depend on other ways to express affection and maintain a healthy relationship. Luckily, today’s technology has many solutions for helping long-distance romance thrive. If you’re in a sexually active relationship, however, navigating your long-distance relationship can be a little tricky.

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Steamy messages and private video calls may be enough for most LD couples, but for the relationship that requires a little extra action, there are plenty of sex toys out there that will help you connect. Long-distance sex toys can help couples experience the arousing sensations of partner sex during a shared video call. Hearing the pleasure in your significant other’s voice eases the distance as you reach your climax. Fans of penetration can use dildos in intimate sessions, but the manual effort put into every thrust ruins the fantasy that someone else is there. Sex machines like Velvet Co.’s Thruster series are popular for this very reason. Our automatic penetrating dildos do the work for you as they imitate the thrusting sensations you crave from your partner.

See Velvet Co.’s online store and discover the best long-distance relationship sex toys for couples who love penetration.

Why Try Long Distance Sex Toys

Since their invention, dildos and vibrators have evolved into ergonomic devices that promise a good time. While the social stigma of sex toys may still linger from way back when, it’s completely normal to find adult toys in the bedrooms of both individuals and couples because of their many benefits.

Long Distance Sex Toys

Sex toys can make masturbation interesting and allow you to explore your erogenous zones. Sex toys are also capable of certain feats our partners can’t mimic, such as vibrations or penetration during role-reversal play.

Couples who live far away from one another benefit from long-distance sex toys in particular. Maintaining the sexual chemistry between you and your partner doesn’t get any easier with distance. Exploring this new sexual avenue in your relationship will strengthen your bond and have you both sexually gratified.

1. DIY Modeling Kits

One long-distance relationship sex toy that you and your lover can have fun with starts as a DIY modeling kit. These kits allow you to make a replica of your partner’s penis or vulva to use at your own discretion.

Most come with easy-to-follow, detailed instructions on how to make the mold of your partner’s body. Arts and crafts have never been so sexually rewarding! Bring the fantasy of having your lover with you to life with a creative long-distance sex toy. Just make sure the kit involves body-safe materials before you attempt to clone any intimate areas!

2. Remote Control Vibrators

Long Distance Sex Toys

As technology advances, remote control vibrators are becoming more popular for several tantalizing reasons. They allow for hands-free play and they’re great for adding exciting power dynamics during an intimate moment with a partner. These high-tech toys also make exciting long-distance sex toys. Even though you two are apart, your other half is still in control and responsible for your pleasure. Many remote control vibrators can be operated by a customized app that allows you to tease and bring your partner to orgasm however you see fit.

3. Dildos for Long-Distance Relationships

Sex toys are no exception to the saying, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sex toys have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. Our pleasure preferences haven’t strayed too far from our ancestors who first used penetrating vibrators. Tastes and preferences can vary, but chances are if you and your partner enjoy penetration, a dildo is exactly what you’re looking for.

There are many options when it comes to long-distance sex toys for couples, but even long-distance relationships can benefit from an automatic thrusting dildo. Letting the dildo do the work for you frees your mind to play in the fantasy of being penetrated by another person. With your lover’s voice in your ear, what was already a pleasurable experience can become even kinkier. Suction-cup bases allow you to leave your hands free to explore other erogenous zones or new sex positions possibilities as your partner watches.

Realistically detailed dildos are another long-distance sex toy option that can build on the fantasy that your partner is penetrating you. Velvet Co.’s Thruster collection has several other options available as well, each promising a different type of sensation. Our anal-loving Walter and G-spot-stimulating Teddy GS are engineered to massage your prostate or G-spot in ways a traditional phallic shape might not be able to.

Come Together with a Sex Toy for Long-Distance Relationships


Whether or not you try a more life-like toy or something a little more unique and kinky, at the end of the day what you’re trying to create with your long-distance sex toy is a shared sexual encounter with your partner. When physical touch isn’t an option, gift-giving and quality time together can keep your connection strong and your love burning bright. Surprise your significant other with a romantic Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift that guarantees endless erotic delight.

Investing in a Thruster from Velvet Co. is one of the best things you can do for your sex life. Add another layer of heat and desire to your phone sex encounters with a long-distance relationship sex toy from Velvet Co.!

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