A line-up of various penetrating sex toys

Dildos are what most of us think of when we picture a penetrating sex toy. Its various shapes, materials, sizes, and features options help ensure that anyone and everyone who is interested in sex toys will find exactly what they need to satisfy their libidos. Whether you prefer the feeling of a realistic cock or the weight of glass or metal, the possibilities are endless.

For people who want teasing vibrations along with fulfilling thrusts, a penetrating vibrator is the ultimate sex toy for dual stimulation. This type of sex toy is available in a variety of styles that each offer its own pros and cons. Finding your next favorite adult toy starts with researching which companies make premium adult products and asking yourself what you need in the bedroom. Is portability important? Do you want to stay away from battery-powered toys? What kind of stimulation do you prefer, or do you want it all?

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, let Velvet Co. help you find the best penetrating sex toy for your needs.

Vibrating Dildos

What makes a vibrating dildo one of the best penetrating vibrators you can get for yourself is the sheer amount of variety. Vibrating dildos can be made from easy-to-clean silicone with cordless and rechargeable options. If you’re looking for a discreet vibrating dildo in your favorite color or one with realistically molded veins on the shaft, classic vibrators can offer these features and more.

A red penetrating vibrator in a classic phallic shape

Vibrating dildos can also come in different styles that reflect specialized purposes. Interested in p-spot stimulation? Bulbous anal dildos are designed with your prostate in mind. Can’t find your G-spot? The unique curve of a G-spot penetrating vibrator massages the elusive G-spot for out-of-this-world vaginal orgasms. Vibrating dildos like Velvet Co.’s Abbey offer enticing ridges with a retro look you wouldn’t otherwise experience with a true-to-life model dildo.

If the hundreds of distinct styles and options are overwhelming, knowing what you want from a penetrating sex toy and what the #1 vibrator features are can help you find the best vibrating dildo for you.

Rabbit Vibrators

Direct clitoral stimulation often plays a role in gratifying orgasms for those of us with a clitoris. If a classic vibrating dildo doesn’t do it for you, a penetrating rabbit vibrator might be exactly what you need to achieve sexual bliss.

Rabbit vibrators are a phallic-shaped vibrating sex toy with a twist: an additional nub on the shaft sporting “rabbit” ears. This feature provides external stimulation during penetration for its user as well as internal. The vibrations in the shaft carry to the rabbit ears as they massage your clitoris with every thrust, pleasuring two important erogenous zones simultaneously. The result? A powerful blended orgasm that has you seeing stars.

Similar to the other penetrating sex toys on this list, rabbit vibrators are available in materials like elastomer, rubber, or silicone. Many of these popular penetrating vibrators offer a variety of fun colors for shoppers to choose from.

Mini Vibrators

If you’re not ready or aren’t looking for a large toy, a miniature vibrator might be exactly what you need. We all respond to stimuli in different ways—what is one person’s delight might be underwhelming for someone else. What’s important is finding a toy that doesn’t cause you pain when you’re seeking pleasure.

There are plenty of reasons for you to explore mini vibrators. Mini vibrators are less intimidating for those stepping just dipping their toe in the world of penetrating vibrators or trying sex toys for the first time in general. The small size makes travel easier and most can fit in a purse or bag without any fuss. The portability of this style of penetrating sex toy adds an exciting kinky element to mundane errands and chores around the house. No one has to know about your little erotic secret as you go about your day.

Hiding a miniature sex toy also tends to be easier than hiding its full-sized counterpart. Its size makes it easy to stash away in your nightstand, sock drawer, bag, or glasses case. Some mini penetrating vibrators also possess another helpful feature that allows them to hide in plain sight: an innocuous design. It’s common to find a miniature vibrator disguised as a tube of lipstick or harmless keychain. For people concerned about their privacy, a miniature vibrator might be your ticket to an amazing climax wherever and whenever you want without everyone knowing.

The Velvet Thruster

A penetrating sex toy should offer two basic things: pleasing vibrations and a sensual shape to entice your senses with every thrust. Body-safe silicone, a rechargeable base, and easy-to-use interface are just a few of the other features that can make a good penetrating vibrator great. Lucky for you, there’s the Velvet Thruster.

Woman standing in front of 4 different suction-cup penetrating vibrators.

Velvet Co. has taken what a sex toy should be and applied advanced engineering to create a streamlined, handheld sex machine. The Velvet Thrusters series consists of high-quality sex toys designed and manufactured by aerospace engineers. Our team of engineers has taken the best vibrating and thrusting sex toys qualities and made a penetrating sex toy that hardcore fans of sex machines and vibrators need in their sex toy collection.

Satisfying shapes and sizes, easy portability, user-friendly controls, and a flexible shaft are just a few of the reasons why the Velvet Thruster’s penetrating vibrators are changing the adult toy industry altogether. Before the Thruster series’ patented penetration technology, finding a vibrator that offers powerful automatic thrusts was unheard of unless you invested in a large sex machine.

When it comes to making the best vibrators, no one else can compare. Stop missing out on dual stimulation and start experiencing blended orgasms with our Velvet Thruster. Browse Velvet Co. today and know that your satisfaction is guaranteed when you shop with us.