A reusable silicone menstrual cup

You can find sex toys made from plastic, wood, glass, just about any material you can think of. But not all sex toys are created equal, and the best sex toy material that we’ve found is medical-grade silicone.

We get titillated by technology. If you know anything about Velvet Co., you should know that the thruster was designed by an aerospace engineer. We obsess over everything high-tech and erotic including the most exciting adult innovations, the most ergonomic design strategies, and of course, the best sex toy materials for safety and pleasure.

We have tried all types of materials, and medical-grade silicone is the material we swear by.

Silicone In The Health World

In both its solid and gel forms, silicone has a lot of applications in the medical world. It is a crucial component in some:

  • Breast implants
  • Catheters
  • Feeding tubes
  • Respiratory masks
  • Reusable condoms
  • Menstrual cups
  • And many, many more!

Silicone’s many qualities, which we will outline below, make it not just the best sex toy material, but also the most practical material for health implements used by all kinds of people at all stages of life.

What’s So Special About Pure Silicone?

There are lots of great body-safe materials out there, but silicone is especially user-friendly and industry-friendly. There are lots of reasons why:

1. Relatively Affordable

The medical industry (and the sex toy industry) needs materials that are not just practical but also affordable. Good thing medical-grade silicone can be obtained at a consumer-friendly price.

2. Lifelike Feel

Silicone would not be the best sex toy material around if it were not so comfortable to use. It’s not rough or cold, and it molds well to the human body.

3. Varying TexturesVelvet thruster silicone sex toy

There is no default consistency for silicone. Silicone dildos, for instance, can be bendy or stiff; squishy or rigid. We use a layer of medical-grade silicone as the casing for all of our Thrusters, which needed something firm, but flexible and lifelike.

4. Easy To Sanitize

In the medical world and adult toy worlds, stuff needs to get cleaned often and thoroughly. The fact that silicone is so easy to clean is another reason why it’s the best sex toy material. If you own any pure silicone sex toys, you can safely clean them with soap and water, a professional toy cleaning solution, or by boiling. Make sure not to submerge your toy in water, however, if it has electronic parts and is not waterproof. A cleaning guide specific to our Thrusters is available here.

… And More

Medical-grade silicone has many other benefits, including its resistance to corrosion (especially by silicone lube) and bacteria-repellent properties. It is also easy to mold, making it the best sex toy material for all kinds of toys including vibrators and BDSM tools. Explore the benefits of silicone dildos, in particular in this blog post!

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silicone, the best sex toy material

It’s important to be not just pleasure-conscious but also health-conscious when shopping for sex toys. When looking for your next toy, keep in mind that materials matter. We definitely did when designing our Thrusters! Explore the collection now – there’s something for every hardcore adult out there.