The Thruster features 10 user-controlled speeds located on the base of the handle. The current speed is indicated by colored lights on the keypad, this makes it easy for you to adjust speeds with precision during use with one hand. Simply touch the silicone buttons and the thruster will increase or decrease thrusting speed from 40 to 140 strokes per minute of powerful thrust.

No More “Morse Code” Speed Controls

velvet thruster controller and charger

Here’s something you might have experienced with battery-powered sex toys: You want to increase the speed, so you give the speed button a few clicks… And overshoot it. You don’t have any way to tell or reference your favorite setting. Other toys can take several attempts before you can finally get it right. This can make it feel like you’re trying to type in Morse code – a good way to interrupt a perfectly good time.

With the color-coded speed display on our fast thrusting sex toys, you won’t ever find yourself shooting in the dark again. You’ll quickly find the colors of your favorite speeds while enjoying a sex toy that thrusts. The velvety soft body safe silicone dildo on the Thruster can bend exactly how you need it to, to make solo masturbation easy and enjoyable. No accidentally poking your insides; as may happen with the rigid steel rod of a traditional sex machine.

Why The Thruster?

velvet thruster in packaging

Life is short; don’t keep things one-dimensional when it comes to sex. If you’re a masturbation artist who loves the full customization of your self-pleasure experience, then you’ll love trying Velvet Thruster – a sex toy that features deep thrust, 90 degrees of flexibility, and superior torque. They’re a great way to vary speed, depth, and angle as you achieve anal or vaginal orgasm.

Treat yourself (and your partner!) to a Velvet Thruster, and 3” of thrust at 10-speed settings up to 140 strokes per minute. It’s the fast thrusting sex toy of your dreams.

Follow Those Naughty Whims

Our Thrusters are optimized for an intensely satisfying time. In the heat of any steamy moment, a sudden increase in thrust speed can be just the right thing to push you over the edge. Or, you could slow it down just as you reach the brink of an orgasm to keep yourself wanting more. When it comes to enjoying sex toys that thrust, handy speed controls are incredibly important. With The Thruster, you hold the controls to your pleasure in the palm of your hand.

Hand The Controls To Your Partner

Do you ever just feel like you’re too in control? Using sex toys or sex machines with a partner is a great way to take all of that control away from yourself and seductively hand it to someone else. Give them The Thruster’s handle and let them surprise you with whatever speed and entry they want, either giving or withholding the pleasure you desire. Likewise, if you want to be in a position of control, there’s no better surprise for your partner than a sex toy that thrusts, even for anal play.

bending velvet thruster

We are excited to share our groundbreaking Thrusters with you. Want to learn more? We welcome you to learn more about our unique story and innovative products.