A naked woman erotically pressing her fingers to her lips.

Not everyone is able to naturally produce enough lubricant to ease the friction you might encounter during sexual activity. Introducing pain play for some kinky fun can be thrilling, but unexpected discomfort when you’re chasing your own bliss is something no one wants to encounter.

Sex toy lubes do a lot more than give you wetter, better orgasms—they can also provide a number of exciting features that promise to bring a new level of pleasure to your climax. Learn about the best sex toy lubricants you should be keeping in your nightstand next to your other adult products. For better orgasms and a happier libido, browse Velvet Co.’s incredible Thruster collection or check out our blog for more hot tips and tricks.

The Basics

Most of us are familiar with the two most popular types of lube: water-based and silicone-based. Water-based sex toy lubes are the go-to for most of us because they're safe to use with most condoms and sex toy materials. Silicone lube, on the other hand, is an oil-based alternative that lasts longer than water-based lubricants. Unfortunately, while it’s great for extended play, the oil in silicone lube can compromise condoms and ruin sex toys that are also made from silicone.

For Anal Play

If you’ve ever tried anal stimulation, chances are you already know the importance of a good sex toy lubricant and plenty of it. Easing the glide during anal penetration isn’t just about your pleasure: painful injuries can occur without proper preparation.

Enjoy anal more by pairing a good sex toy lube with a toy specifically meant for anal. Anal lubes have a slightly different formula that helps combat friction more than other types of lube. Most come in water or silicone-based options. Once you have a reliable lube on hand, it’s time to pull out your favorite anal toy.

A flexible anal sex toy bending at an angle.

For Kinkier Fun

Lube isn’t always just about making intimate encounters wetter. Some offer a variety of unique sensations you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Warming or cooling sex toy lubes add another level of sensory excitement to your play as it tingles or warms sensitive erogenous zones. This new experience can liven up date night or make a solo evening of self-indulgence just a little bit more special.

Flavored or edible sex toy lubricants can also make oral sex a lot more rewarding for everyone participating. Bringing your partner to climax has never been so gratifying.

The Perfect Toy to Try Them With

If you’re looking to make solo and partner play more fulfilling, the Velvet Thruster is the perfect sex toy for the job. Bring out your favorite water-based sex toy lube and enjoy Velvet Co.’s ingeniously engineered handheld and portable design. Your pleasure is a guarantee every time you shop with us.