Sex Toy Materials

What are you putting into your body? Sex toys are such a niche product that many people put safety in the backseat when shopping for them. This is a huge mistake, as the wrong toys are often not just less fun but also carcinogenic, toxic and bacteria-trapping. We hope this at-a-glance guide can help you get familiar with the types of sex toy materials so you can trust what your sex toys are made of before buying.

Key Sex Toy Terms


Phthalates are used to make materials more bendable and are very common in sex toys. Unfortunately, they are a carcinogenic material and may cause damage to the female reproductive system.


When a material is porous, it traps bacteria easily and keeps it there. Normal cleaning processes won’t be sufficient for a porous material.

Sex Toy Materials


Jelly is a very cheap and lifelike material. However, it is porous, contains phthalates, and gives off a chemical odor and taste.


There are two main types of plastic sex toys: PVC and ABS. PVC can be rigid or soft. It can be stretchy and glossy, making it ideal for bondage gear. Soft PVC is porous and often contains phthalates while rigid PVC is non-porous and phthalate-free.

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is an affordable, rigid and easy to clean material. It is great in bullet vibrators and other small vibrators.


Latex is an affordable and lifelike toy though it is porous, difficult to clean and gives off a strong rubber smell.

Glass, Rock, and Metal

Glass, rock, and metals are all rigid, extremely durable, and easy to clean. Vibrator and other battery-powered types of sex toys are rarely made from glass and rock, though stainless steel vibrators are common. These materials are great for hardcore users, though they do take some time to match your body temperature.


Pure silicone is the safest sex toy material that also gives you a realistic feel. It is silky smooth, hypoallergenic, easy to sanitize, and available in various degrees of softness and flexibility. Because it’s not the most affordable material, silicone toys are often considered premium toys. Low-quality silicone cannot be used with silicone lube, while medical-grade silicone sex toys and other high-quality types of silicone sex toy can.


Properly treated wood toys are sustainable and conform to body temperature quickly. Battery-powered wooden sex toys are rare but manual wooden massagers are quite pleasurable. Shopping from an experienced and reputable seller is a good idea.

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