Future of sex toys and Thrusting Adult Toys

The sex toy industry has come a long way since the doctor-prescribed vibrating dildo and heavy floor-standing sex machines used to ease hysteria for those with a vagina.   This makes no sense, but we can be thankful for where we are today.  Now days the acceptability of sex toys among women is so strong that many of our favorite sex toy brands are female owned businesses.    And sex tech has really exploded this last 10 years, creating entire new categories of sex toys!

  1. clitoral suction devices like Womanizer
  2. oscillating ticklers for the clit from Zumio
  3. and the notorious Fleshjack with 12 million units sold, who would have though a flashlight to jack off men...
  4. and the famous velvet thrusters, a sex machine in the palm of your hand.

Now, back to sex machines, yes they used to be very expensive and very large.   We saw one of the original fucking machines at a private party.    It was great fun in the moment but we came away thinking damn that hurt.    Mostly it was fun, until you came out of focus and that steel rod pushing that dildo insides caught you off guard and BAM!  We all know what getting jabbed by a dick feels like, it was far worse with a steel rod.

The other type of sex toy that was too expensive for most people and again we got access to one at private sex party was the sybian, a toy that has been servicing lucky people for some 25 years and I can tell you why.  They are great.  Its the biggest vibrating dildo that you can buy.  Its strong enough to get off 2 people at once!  So these days they have been copied and made nicer in the case ride the cowgirl, or loaded with attachments like the motor bunny.  But these aren't the sex machine we are here to talk about.

Great technology advancements in small powerful batteries are why were here.  A handheld penetrating sex toy that's made from body safe silicone, is super flexible so you can comfortably use it while laying on your back and it feels like your fucking, well.  The silicone toys change, so if you need a bigger more full feeling, you'd grab a Sammie; or something to try anal play would be Walter - you can suction cup it to the floor and straddle it if that how you like anal.   In any case the future is here, and there is a whole product line now to choose from. For beginners the Teddy product line is economical and still delivers a powerful thrust, this one fits with a standard harness also.   The Velvet thruster Prime series is somewhat more adventurous, bigger motor and bigger battery, like a Bentley motorcar.   

We’ve seen powerful sex toys get smaller, sex toy materials get safer, and adult toys that thrust themselves. While you can’t always beat the classics, sex toy users of today have more options than ever when it comes to what brings them pleasure.

Learn more about why you should invest in an automatic thrusting sex toy and what types there are to try. Whether you’re looking for something big or small, realistic, or uniquely kinky, Velvet Co. has everything you need in a quality thrusting adult toy.

Future of Sex Toys

Why We Love Thrusting Sex Toys the First Place

Automatic Thrusts

Simulate the sensation of intercourse without killing your hand, arm and wrist.  It automatically thrusts so you can allow yourself to get your mind into the fucking your either doing to your self or with another.  

Have an Organism 

Penetrative sex for many is how you get to orgasm.  Vaginal orgasms for those with vaginas and Prostate orgasms when used for anal play.  It tough many times to get this when fucking your friend or enemy.  Frankly, its tough for any human to pump at even 120 strokes per minute, go ahead and try it - its kinda like planking, not so easy when you get down to do it.

More Comfortable Masturbation

For many of us, its not always easy - masturbating.  Mental, Physical and emotional undertones are always there.   Somedays its party time and your feeling good with yourself, maybe enjoyed a drink or two and want something really big inside you.  Having options makes sex more comfortable.  Different sizes dildos and variety of shapes help fit the mood.   A shower using Jackie and our strong suction-cup base might fit best after expercise class.   You get the idea, we want users to have access to accessories that make masturbation easy.  The Long reach handle that fits with our velvet prime thruster series is a hugely popular item.  Its great for those with a short reach.

Faster and for Longer

Yes dildos like the Velvet Thruster can go faster than most people with up to 136 strokes per minute. But its got to have stamina!  That's done with a super sex tech friendly rechargeable battery which will last up to 2 hours on our entry level products and up to 6 hours of play time for the prime series products.   

Better Sex with Your Partner

Thrusting sex toys open up a world of erotic possibilities for curious couples where new positions can be tried and new kinks can be satisfied.  Even if you love real penis, thrusting dildos are real treat for couples.  A great way to extend play with your partner to hours.

Historical Sex Machines

historical sex machines

Now that we’ve covered why thrusting sex toys are great, it’s time to talk about one of the most popular types there is which got us to the technology we have today: the classic sex machine.

Sex machines are typically large devices with a dildo attachment. Most industrial adult toys that thrust are loud, heavy, and big due to the size of their powerful motors. They allow for a faster, harder penetration experience than what you’d get through manual masturbation. Unfortunately, quality thrusting adult toys like sex machines can cost thousands of dollars and take hours to assemble.

 Thrusting Dildos for a Lover, Yourself and Couples 

Thrusting Dildo

Other adult toys that can thrust automatically are dildos. These handheld sex toys tend to be more affordable.

Similar to your basic dildo, there are many subtypes of thrusting dildos available.

For Anal Dildos

Almost any dildo can be used for anal orgasms, but certain thrusting adult toys designed for anal stimulation should have a few additional features like a flared base for safety and a flexible shaft for comfort. In addition to all of this, Velvet Co.’s anal dildo, the Walter, has strategically placed beads that allow for better anal or prostate stimulation.

For Clitoral Orgasms, Vibration Could be Best

Clitoral stimulation can come in many forms. For some dildos, this means an external attachment most of us refer to as a rabbit. The “ears” of the rabbit can massage the clitoris, there are many mainstream adult products with vibration control if you prefer external stimulation on the clit. Adult toys that thrust and vibrate can also help with clitoral orgasms depending on the strength of the vibrations. Powerful vibrations near or against this little bundle of sensitive nerves are key for many of us looking to orgasm during penetration.

For Vaginal Orgasms aren't easy to come by

Not everyone can climax from penetration alone. If you’re curious about experiencing such an orgasm, a G-spot dildo with button controlled thrust speeds may be the solution. G-spot stimulation dildos use their curved tip to target the G-Spot directly, which is made up of clitoral nerves and can be stimulated with pressure and rubbing that inside wall of the cervix. This type of thrusting toy can help you experience a vaginal orgasm without additional stimulation.

Experience the Best with Thrusting Dildo Adult Toys

The Velvet Thruster is different from any other dildo or sex machine the industry has ever seen, thanks to its ergonomic design and powerful patented motor. Users can enjoy hands-free fun with options like the Thruster Mini, or build their own with the Thruster Prime.

There are plenty of adult toys that thrust or use pulsation like the fun factory stronic line, the are good but not dynamic enough, these use a good liquid silicone which is body safe but the pulsator is a limited movement and no flexibility, its not at all like real dick penetration.

Rabbit vibrators with rotation are just vibrators with extra features or vibration patterns, of course its fun to have one in your playbox but it wont be a cornerstone of any collection.


Automatic Thrusts and Easy Use for All

Simulate the sensation of intercourse without killing your hand, arm and wrist.  It automatically thrusts so you can allow yourself to get your mind into the orgasmic stimulation your either doing to your self or with another. Be sure to check out the accessories that compliment the Velvet Prime Series of Thrusting Dildos.

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