Whether we get it from porn, erotica or kinky friends, most adults have had bondage fantasies at some point or another. Picturing ourselves as a sexual punisher or punishee gives us a way to release some of the mental energy that cannot be released during regular daily life.

If you decide to take the plunge and actually engage in BDSM play, you’ll need to take measures to keep things safe, friendly, and legal. There’ll be more on that below.

Toys And Bondage

Pairing sex toys with restraints is one of our favorite ways to engage in BDSM play. Sex toys expand the limits of the sensations we can give and experience, while bondage tools help keep a person helpless and totally receptive in the face of the toys being used on them. That helps to heighten every sensation, even those that are barely a tickle. Hardcore toys and bondage can truly become a sex dungeon experience.

We love when our customers report using our Thrusters as part of a kinky lifestyle. In this article, we’ll focus on tools and methods you can use if you want to try pairing sex toys with restraints.

A Guide To Safety

Before engaging in any form of BDSM play, it’s important to have “the talk” about rules, safe words, and limits with your partner. In a previous article, we’ve listed some of the steps you should take during this talk. Head there for more details.

From the outside, BDSM can look like a risqué, disrespectful and boundary-pushing activity, but all serious kinksters actually do put a lot of thought into respect and safety. Only enter a BDSM relationship if you’re prepared to respect your partner’s wishes and stop as soon as they tell you to. That’s what safe words (or safe actions, if you’re planning on using a mouth gag) are for.

What Sex Toys To Use As Restraints

A nude woman kneels with her hands cuffed behind her back.

Many types of restraints are commercially available for kinksters to try. They range from easy-to-use to not-for-beginners. They also range from affordable to luxurious and collectible. You can restrain almost any part of the body, but common zones are the hands, feet, mouth, neck, arms, and legs. We recommend watching porn or looking up bondage guides to figure out what your #bondagegoals are. To start, however, try just one or two pieces from this list of restraints that are ideal to use with sex toys:

  • Wrist or ankle cuffs
  • Blindfolds
  • Mouth gags
  • Collars and leashes
  • Under the bed restraint systems
  • Bondage rope or tape
  • Suspension bars
  • Spreader bars
  • Body harnesses (for looks and to combine with other tools)
  • Pre-made bondage kits

The best way to choose your tool is by picturing what would most turn you on most if you wore it or if your partner wore it. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most. Next, we'll move on to explore some of the best methods for combining sex toys and restraints.

Restraint Play Methods

1. Restrain & Titillate


Restraints help to make contact unpredictable and will make any foreplay sensation, be it a tickle of a feather or a glide of the Wartenberg wheel, many times more electric. Battery-powered toys such as finger vibes and bullet vibes can also be ideal to use at this time. It should be simple and affordable to prepare an arsenal of simple toys such as these to use with your restraints.

2. Restrain & Entertain

Restraints aren’t just for the person who’s being “toyed with,” they can also help you keep your partner helpless as they watch you play with yourself! Tie up your partner in restraints and then use sex toys such as vibrators or dildos to pleasure yourself. At this stage, The Thruster is a great toy to bring into play. You can even show your male partner all that he’s missing out on by enjoying The Thruster instead of him. Now THAT’S emotional torture.

3. Restrain & Fuck


Not all BDSM games end with orgasm, but of course, there’s a big chance you’ll want that at the end of your bedroom romp. Engaging in intercourse while you or your partner is tied up is a singular and hot experience, and so is forcing an orgasm using sex toys.

Dildos, bullet vibes, and wand vibrators are a great choice to use here. The Thruster is a also a great sex toy to use with restraints, as the fast action can absolutely bring someone to a big finish. Our Jackie will deliver lifelike thrusting sensations, while our Frankie was designed to target erogenous zones with a filling sensation.

4. Restrain & Role Play


Role play is another great way to play with restraint. BDSM is all about playing out fantasies you don’t get to in real life, so role play can feel like a natural next step to add to the mix. You can play roles from real life, media, or your imaginations. Get creative using sexy lingerie or costumes. You can also play with gender switching or reversal; this is where your strap-on dildo would come in handy!

Try The Thruster With Restraints!

Our Thrusters are the holy grail of hardcore sex toys to use with restraints. They can go slow, teasing you or your partner until you’re begging for more, or they can go at 140 thrusts per minute and push you to the brink of pain and pleasure. Pair them with a spreader bar, bed harness or other restraint toy that helps keep the legs apart. Our Thrusters are rechargeable and can last up to 8 hours on a full charge.

Browse the collection today to use our sex toys with your favorite restraints!