A smiling woman shops for a new sex machine

Are you in the market for a new sex toy? Lucky you! The world of sexual pleasure knows no limits. When shopping sex toys for women, you’ll be looking at two main categories: manual-powered personal massagers or sex machines for women that include vibrators and thrusting toys. If you are indeed looking for something battery-powered to power the motion in your ocean, the checklist below can help you on your search!

1. Safe Materials

Most sex machines, including the smallest bullet vibes, can be used internally. If you plan to use yours internally, then safe sex toy materials (and safe design) become imperative. The vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of the body. What’s more, it cannot be kept dry and is very susceptible to infection as a result. The best sex machines for women are bacteria-repellant, mold-resistant and easy to clean. Read more in this blog post.

2. Hitting The Right Spots

Unless you have a limitless budget to power your sexcapades, you’ll want your sex toys to pleasure you as much as they can, in as many zones as they can. Your body is filled with erogenous zones to explore, both internally and externally. Will your new toy curve to hit your g-spot? Is it long enough to reach the deeper a-spot? Does it vibrate enough to pleasure your clitoris? With so many sex machines for women available, there’s no need to resort to a one-trick pony.

3. Adjustable Speeds

Masturbation is all about rhythm. Some days you’ll want to ride that maximum speed all the way to the top, and some days you’ll feel like working your way up to it with slower speeds first. Whether you plan to use your toy internally or externally, we recommend looking for a toy that contains at least five different speeds. You’ll be happy to know that the Velvet Co Thruster offers 10 speed options, while the Mini Thruster offers 6!

4. Long Battery Life

With such advanced technology available out there, sex machines for women no longer need to be charged after every use. When shopping for your toy, make sure that the battery life can keep up with your insatiable sex life. Our Thruster lasts 8 hours, while our Mini Thruster lasts for 2 before needing to be plugged in. We also made both toys rechargeable so you can save your battery bucks.

Shop The Best Sex Machine For Women And Men

the velvet thruster may be the best sex machine for women

Don’t settle for less than the best technology in your next sex machine. The Velvet Co Thruster is designed to replace clunky floor-mounted sex machines that can cost thousands of dollars. Browse the collection now to find out what they’re capable of!