• suction sex toy, red rose vibrator

Rose, Clitoral Suction Vibrator

CHF 32.00
CHF 32.00

Rose, Clitoral Suction Vibrator

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  • suction sex toy, red rose vibrator
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  • suction sex toy, la rosa silicone pleasure product for women
  • air suction vibrator, for clitoral orgasms
  • suction vibrator, la rosa silicone pleasure product box
  • suction sex toys, usb charging sex oty base
  • suction vibrator, waterproof masturbation for women
  • suction sex toy, red rose discrete package

Rose, Clitoral Suction Vibrator

CHF 32.00

Rose suction sex toy 

La Rosa, is a suction vibrator that uses air pulse technology.  This sex toy creates suction, from gentle to strong, that is directly applied to the clit.  It is great to use when you want to climax very quickly!  

The rose design is a fun and unique new sex toy that works as well as it looks.  This compact suction sex toy is discrete and easy-to-use.   Leave it by the shower or bed side table with is its discreet sex toy design. This medical grade silicone sex toy is completely waterproof and is an excellent shower companion.

  • 6 suction settings
  • Simple one-button control
  • Travel safe power control
  • Medical-grade silicone
  • Fully waterproof 

To use, power on your rechargeable sex toy and select your preferred suction power or pattern.   Gently, test the suction on your clit and get to understand the feeling of pulling air pulses on the clitoris.  Practice applying pressure with the clit sex toy to find the most pleasure.

How does a Suction Sex Toy work?

A perfect sex toy for beginners.   This is a different sensation than a clit vibe, it's more intense.  The rose suction sex toy works by creating a vacuum that is applied directly to the clitoris for pleasure.  Essentially, it's like a sucking sensation that is used to create a strong clitoral orgasm.  

The term suction vibrator for this sex toy is almost accurate.  It's applied directly to the clitoris like a regular sex toy vibrator but it's actually a sucking sex toy.  Many prefer it because you don't have to apply pressure to the clit while you are masturbating, although it's ok if you do.  It will deliver clitoral orgasms very fast.

Dual Stimulation Clit Suction

Frequently users enjoy pairing the suction feeling with a penetrating dildo, like our velvet thruster mini teddy XL.  It creates the opportunity for a dual orgasm, both vaginal and clitoral.

Vibrator for Travel

This adult sex toy product is a discrete design that is a TSA or travel safe sex toy friendly.  Meaning it will not turn on accidentally.  The power button has to be held down for 3 seconds continuously to turn on and turn off.  It is a sex toy that does not need to be hidden, it's pretty enough to leave bedside and has a simple USB rechargeable base.

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      Customer Reviews for Thrusting Dildo Sex Toys

      Teddy Mini I had a great session with the Teddy mini. The suction cup holds it in helpfull positions. I am a male and I came over and over as it hit my spots. Plenty of heavy lube needed as friction can get uncomfortable fast. I'll be looking for a bigger model next time.

      - Jay B. Mar 20, 2023

      Amazing! Works great for anal play which is what I was worried about. Very pleased with my purchase!

      - Anonymous. Mar 8, 2023

      Great product My wife has NEVER been happier. Company is also true to their word. Her toy didn’t charge after the 2nd use which may have been our fault but they replaced it, no questions asked. Get one

      - K.R. Feb 11, 2023

      OMG this thruster was amazing! I loved how it pulsed and changing positions with it was even better! At first yeah some lube does help but inserting it in my pussy and ass was fucking amazing, pardon my french! The only thing I wish it had was a remote and that’s it!

      - T.Mulls. Mar 7, 2023

      Hands free joy! Charges quickly, long battery life, fun colors. Love it!!! Told all my friends to get it.

      K.B. Mar 6, 2023

      Narly Dude. Excellent toy gets the job done.

      - Joe. Mar 2, 2023